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Unlike most other charities, Masonic charities do not rely on rattling tins for money.  Freemasons practise charity within the community as a whole both by charitable giving and voluntary efforts.  All the monies are administered by grant giving charity bodies.

The Grand Charity is the central grant-giving charity of all Freemasons in England and Wales.  It was registered in 1981, and carries on a tradition of charitable support for both Freemasons and the wider community which has been maintained since 1727. The policy is to assist in these areas:     To give support for the benefit of distressed Brethren, families and dependants. To support other Masonic charities.  Make donations to non-Masonic charities.  Emergency relief work worldwide.

The Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.  This charity is to provide a comprehensive range of services, and is designed to meet the needs of older Freemasons and their dependants.  It is a registered charity and is the 66th biggest charity in the country.  The RMBI has over 4,000 beneficiaries, employs 1,500 staff and has 1,150 residents in it’s 18 homes.

The Masonic Samaritan Fund This charity was established as recently as 1990 and is to assist needy Freemasons, their families and dependants who are unable to obtain NHS treatment without undue delay, and cannot afford private treatment without causing hardship. In it’s first ten years 5,000 individuals received supported treatment, ranging from ages 3 to 95.

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys Between 1788 and 1842 two charities were formed to benefit those sons and daughters of Freemasons, of every religious denomination, who are in need by reason of death, illness, or misfortune of either or both of their parents. The work of the RMTGB has been going on for over 200 years - it is the oldest of the Masonic charities. Additionally, in the year 2000 the RMTGB launched its 'UndergradAid' scheme to assist young people at University and during 2002, 919 young people were granted aid.RMTGB also assists children not connected with Masonic families, so that children from poor families can take take part in the learning process of our country. Almost £10 million a year is spent to achieve the aims of RMTGB